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Go Commandos
"Hello! I'm Ev'y Femma and I 'gocommandos'. When you 'go commando', you don't wear panties! I'm Every Woman and, like you, I never want any Visible Panty Lines or thong straps ruining my look. I like my jeans and all my pants smooth on my body with no hint that I am wearing panties of any sort! I want to look as good from behind as I do from the front. I refuse to skip cotton hygienic protection, so I wear GoCommandos cotton patches in all my jeans, leggings, yoga pants, and jumpsuits. I am totally comfortable, secure and feel secretly sexy, knowing I'm going bare beneath. The only way to know how liberating the GoCommandos Patch feels is to try it. Join the Panty Free Revolution and Feel your Freedom!

Available in packs of 10 patches
or boxes of 50 or 125

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The Solution for a Panty Free Choice is the GoCommandos Patch

The Cotton Adhesive Panty Alternative

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no panty lines, no thongs, no panties

"I never would have thought that going commando could be so comfortable! Using GoCommandos means no more panty lines or underwear showing through and total comfort and security too!" Debra, NC (50-59)
"I love commandos because I can wear pants and shorts that are tight without worrying about panty lines. I am not comfortable wearing thongs and have never thought they were good for the body. GoCommandos patches make me feel comfortable and sexy." Kathy, CA (40-49)

soothing and hygienic

"I wear Commandos 3-4 times a week in jeans and yoga-type workout pants/shorts…a smooth texture that is never bulky feeling. Go Commandos has been a wonderful discovery. I can wear whatever I want without ANY panty line, yet I don't worry that I will ruin my clothes or that I will get chafed or irritated in the "special place". I feel confident, sexy, and free!" Julia, OH (19-29)

covers irritating seams & sticks securely in place

"I have a pair of jeans that are tight and fit me perfectly, but I don't like to wear thongs (the heat makes me sweat and it irritates the delicate skin down there), and regular panties just didn't make it look right. Whenever I wore them, I used to go commando, but the thick seams in jeans get scratchy. I found the Commandos patch by accident, I tried them, and it is the perfect solution. No panty lines, no irritation because of thongs and I am comfy and look great, what else could you ask for?" Rox, FL (30-39)

custom flexible lobe shape with medical grade adhesive…no bunching!

"The shape made the patch easy to apply and it didn't bunch up and roll with wear. I am allergic to adhesive and my skin did not react at all. Without underwear, I felt thinner and more comfortable in my jeans…I hardly knew it was there!"
MJ, CA (30-39)

garment protector, so less laundry & dry cleaning

"Many times after work, I quickly throw on my favorite jeans to go out. However, this can be uncomfortable and not very hygienic since I do not wear underwear. Also, I do not want to have to wash my expensive jeans every time I wear them. COMMANDOS offer a delightful solution to this wardrobe dilemma." Elizabeth, TN (30-39)

comfort & protection

"I really like them, especially when I wear jeans and don't want the 'constricting' feeling of underwear - especially when it's really warm. They're extremely comfortable and breathable." Mitzi (40-49)
"I often go pantiless, but find jeans to be uncomfortable. COMMANDOS help protect me from the thick seam in my jeans." Jen, CA (30-39)
"Going commando is all new to me. .. love the 'no lines' and comfort. Offers a great alternative in the underwear drawer." Trish, TN (60-69)

perfect for exercise, travel, maternity, sports, at work & play, daily & nightly, military wear

perfect for all ages and sizes

perfect for other uses by cutting the lobes to fit

under arm shieldshoe heel protectornipple protectorhat band sweat and make up shield
can be used anywhere in clothing to comfort your body

The Panty Free Revolution is here. We're just making it comfortable, healthy, secure, and PERFECT!