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Who is Evy Femma?

Ev'y Femma is Every Woman! She's you! Ev'y Femma has her own voice, her own mind, and creates her life as the woman she envisions herself to be. Ev'y Femma creates her own style to feel classy, relaxed, and free, to be smart and sensual without fear. She simply wants to feel and look her best, be comfortable, healthy, independent, sexy, and happy. From all backgrounds and ages, in all sizes, shapes and colors, Ev'y Femma knows who she is, making choices that work for her. Ev'y Femma believes in the humanity of others, in doing her part to protect and save our planet, in self-discovery and self-celebration, and in the gift and gratitude of her friendships. Ev'y Femma knows that it is in the imperfection that she is perfect. That she is OK and enough. It is her own integrity that defines her. That's Ev'y Femma. And that's why we know she's you.
"I just had to let you know how much I love your product! Thank you so much for making these...what a life saver. Hi, my name is Yvette and I live in California. I found Commandos online just by surfing one day. I cannot wear thongs and regular underwear just doesn't work with some clothing. I am so glad you came up with these. I hope others are getting as much benefit as I am. Thanks a bunch…" Yvette
As you know, I was a professional dancer for years in New York and am now a Pilates and Gyrotonic instructor and studio owner. As a result, I have literally lived most of my life in stretch pants. I never thought I would "go commando", but your COMMANDOS cotton patches have proven to be extremely convenient, comfortable, and I love not having wedgies! I rely on them to wear daily with my Pilates pants and I wear them in my jeans now, too. Thank you so much for introducing me to such a great product. Truly, GoCOMMANDOS is the way to go!" Marla, Marla Bingham Studio, La Jolla CA

Many of you responded to our Ev'y Femma COMMANDOS® Questionnaire. Here are some points in your Ev'y Femma profile!

  • 67% of you are between the ages of 30 to 49
  • 18% are between 19 to 29
  • 13% are between 50 to 59
  • Women over 60 also 'go commando' and have for years, it turns out!
  • 49% of you had 'gone commando' before you tried COMMANDOS® patches and 51% had never 'gone commando' before wearing COMMANDOS®.
  • 87% of you wax or groom and 10% go 'au natural'
  • 80% say that COMMANDOS® give you comfort,
  • 71% say COMMANDOS® give you confidence,
  • 63% say the patches give you freedom,
  • 62% say you feel healthy when wearing COMMANDOS®,
  • 54% feel attractive
  • 49% of you say that GoCOMMANDOS® make you feel sexy,
  • 46% feel feminine when wearing COMMANDOS®.
  • 79% have told your friends about COMMANDOS®.
  • 95% of you could care less about celebrity endorsements!

Because you share our belief in giving back and supporting charitable donations, The Commandos Group will continue to give a percentage of our net proceeds to various charities, including organizations supporting Nonviolence, women's health research funds, and organizations supporting environmental efforts.

"Commandos, I have been using your patches for well over a year and I absolutely love them! As an avid equestrian, I wear breeches almost every day. Breeches are tight and I don't like visible panty lines on myself or other riders…they're distracting. Commandos provide comfort and protection without the lines, plus I like the cotton in my breeches. Now I wouldn't think about getting into the saddle without my Commandos. I thank you for creating this product for us." Stacy, CA (30-39)

"They are very comfortable in my riding pants. I ride long distance endurance rides and it's very important that nothing rubs me in any way. I didn't feel a thing and forgot they were even there." (in an email to her equestrian friends) "Hey guys, I tried out the Commandos patch (a replacement for no underwear or G-string) and it worked great. I rode at trot and walk and worked around the barn with it and it didn't feel weird or move once I placed it in my riding pants. No panty lines for showing." Cynthia, CA (40-49)

"I love the feel of being free. I feel very feminine and healthy." Christine, TX (40-49)
"I wore my COMMANDOS last night in my dress pants at the Belly Up and they stood up to all the dancing and sweating!" Alexis, CA (30-39)
"They were very comfortable. My pants actually fit better without the bulk of underwear." Joyce, TX (50-59)
"I think COMMANDOS is a great way to protect our intimate parts and still look good." Marcella, CA (30-39)