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"GoCommandos® Patches are cotton. They are The Cotton Crotch without the Panties. I am Organic Ev'y Femma and so proud to represent Commandos Organic Cotton patches, recycled paper packs, and environmentally-friendly adhesive. Cotton is a "must" for female vaginal health according to many physicians. GoCommandos® patches are made from the best cottons, some containing no dye, others with safe color dyes, and all are soft and thin, worn in any of your jeans, yoga leisure wear, leggings, or dress pants. Want answers to your FAQs? Here they are. Or contact us anytime if you have your own questions. The environment of your female parts is precious; treat them like they are your own private planet."
"My favorite is the undyed organic cotton because it is better for the environment and I tend to be allergic to quite a few things so the more natural the better. Cotton also breathes better than other fabric types. If you must use a celebrity endorsement, choose someone who really cares about the environment like maybe Natalie Portman. But celebrity endorsements mean very little to me. If you have a great product, it will speak for itself by word of mouth. Which you do!" Teresa , CA (30-39)

So, Why Cotton?
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How do I apply GoCOMMANDOS® Patches?
Click here for instructions on how to use the GoCOMMANDOS® patch

Why is COTTON so important?
Doctors have ALWAYS told women to wear COTTON underpants for optimum vaginal health to reduce infections and irritations caused by nylon crotches. Cotton is a non-irritating, breathable, natural resource that is very soft and comfortable. (see 'So, Why Cotton?')

Why is the GoCOMMANDOS® Patch a funny shape?
The four segments and lobe design of the patch allow for a flexible and smooth grip on the tricky inside seams of jeans and pants without bunching the fabric. The patches are easily customizable by cutting one or more segments and placement according to preference. Although it does resemble a butterfly, it was designed ergonomically to fit onto the many variations of the inseams of pants.

Are GoCOMMANDOS® patches the same as sanitary napkins or panty liners?
No. They replace panties and are the cotton crotch comfort without the panties. They are designed to be held in place without panties. GoCommandos patches are cotton, not a synthetic nor abrasive fabrications that can lead to irritations or small skin tears with extended use.

Will the adhesive hurt me if it sticks to my skin?
GoCOMMANDOS® adhesive is a medical grade and will not irritate, inflame, tear or otherwise harm the skin if it comes into contact.

Will the patch damage my clothing?
It should not damage clothing, if used properly. The adhesive is strong enough to secure the GoCOMMANDOS® Patch in place during use and still release with ease after wearing. Although unusual, under extreme body heat conditions or personal moisture, the adhesive might soften to leave a sticky residue, so the patch is best removed upon undressing. A pre-treat laundry solvent should remove any stickiness. It is advised to remove the patch gently, one tab at a time so threads and delicate seams are not stressed.

Are the patches reusable?
No. The GoCOMMANDOS® Patch is intended for one-time, disposable use. However, some customers have reported laundering their pants with the patch attached. Sometimes, it stays in place and can be worn again; sometimes it balls up. Just an FYI. The patch should be removed after undressing as it is warm from your body and peels right off. Dispose of it as trash, NOT flushed down the toilet. A good rule of thumb is to change your COMMANDOS Patch as often as you would your underpants. It all depends on your own personal moistness and dryness, as well as bodily secretions onto the patch, which require changing it for hygienic purposes.

Are there any garments that GoCOMMANDOS® are not intended to be worn in?
Yes. The patch is NOT intended for use in bathing suits, some pants linings, conventional underpants as panty liners, or as sanitary napkins. They are designed to REPLACE panties, so wherever you wear panties, you can replace those and wear the patch.

Is the GoCOMMANDOS® Patch sanitary?
The patches are handled with gloves when they are manufactured so as to protect the sanitary features. The cotton fabric is ideal for a woman's delicate area and the protection that the patches provide can help prevent the infections and irritations that seams, abrasive liners, nylon/lycra, and detergents can create. GoCOMMANDOS® are gynecologist approved for all females, including those who groom and wax regularly.

Is the GoCOMMANDOS® Patch biodegradable?
Unfortunately no. The cotton, of course, is a natural resource, but the adhesive is not. Our adhesive incorporates the most planet-friendly solvents available. Until technology figures this out, we are stuck (quite literally!) with the current options available. Our packaging is made of 100% Recycled materials.

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Why is COTTON so important in today's energy-conscious environment?
Cotton is the largest natural fiber supplying the global demand for textile products. In 2005, the world's demand for textile fibers was 130 billion pounds. In 2006 and beyond, world income and population growth will stimulate a 4.5 billion pound increase in global fiber demand each year.

That means that enough fiber will be needed for nearly 9 billion T shirts or 2.3 billion pairs of denim jeans. And the main alternatives to cotton are non-renewable chemical fibers.

Can COTTON supply the market in an environmentally-friendly manner?
Absolutely. Cotton is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable, making it an excellent choice as an environmentally friendly fiber throughout its entire product life cycle. Most chemical fibers are petroleum based, which means that they come from nonrenewable resources.

Is it true that COTTON growth requires a tremendous amount of pesticides?
No. According to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, only about 12 lbs. of insecticides and 2.1 lbs. of herbicides are applied to each acre of cotton. The average acre in the U.S. produces about 800 lbs. of cotton. That works out to around 0.09 oz. of total pesticides applied per pound of cotton produced. More importantly, with the advent of new technology, the number of pesticide applications has dropped dramatically in the U.S. Farmers who live and work on their land have every personal and economic incentive to use FEWER chemicals in production. Globally, only 8.5% of all pesticides applied to crops are used to grow cotton.

Even so, aren't there toxins left on COTTON products that could be harmful to one's health?
No. In the US, cotton is regulated as a food crop by the FDA. Cotton is grown just like other major food crops, meaning that there are tight restrictions. Worldwide studies consistently show no pesticide residue on raw fiber or the textile products made from the fiber.

Does COTTON require a lot of water to grow?
No. Cotton is very drought and heat tolerant. Cotton does NOT require excessive amounts of water, and, in fact, uses less water than many other major crops produced in the U.S. Only 35% of U.S. cotton acreage requires some form of irrigation; the rest of the cotton land is supplied by natural rainfall. Producers have become more efficient in their water usage, now using 45% less water to grow one lb. of cotton as compared to 25 years ago.

What about ORGANIC COTTON as an alternative?
Organic cotton is another sustainable alternative to chemically-based or synthetic fibers. There are strict standards in the U.S. for organic cotton, and it is not easy to become a certified organic cotton operation. "Organic" means the cotton is produced to a set of strict USDA standards, enforced by USDA-certifying agents who must annually inspect fields and the operation for adherence to National Organic Program (NOP) standards. NOP standards require a 3-year conversion for land before organic crops can be harvested, so that becoming an organic cotton producer is a long-term decision.

Although interest in organic cotton has increased among retailers and consumers, there is no sustained, measurable increase in the organic cotton supply, which is estimated at only 0.1% of global cotton production. In fact, the entire world supply of organic cotton would fit on one medium-sized cargo ship! And that's understandable when you look at what it takes to become organic. Generally, organic production means higher costs, which typically translates into premiums of 50%-100% in raw fiber prices. It would take an additional 6,000,000 acres…40% of the current harvested cotton acreage in the U.S.…to meet the current market demand for U.S. cotton.

What about foreign sources for ORGANIC COTTON?
If cotton is marketed in the U.S. as organic, regardless of the country of origin, it still must meet the same strict U.S. standards as if it were produced here in the U.S. That's why going offshore to find "easy" supplies of "other organic cotton" is a myth. Organic cotton cannot be legally sold, represented, or marketed in the U.S. unless it meets the rigorous U.S. organic standards that were implemented in October,2002.

What else is COTTON doing long term to reduce its environmental footprint?
New technology, such as insect- resistant and drought- resistant varieties, continues to reduce the need for pesticides and water. These same varieties will improve yields, allowing for more cotton to be grown on the same amount of land. Conservation tillage practices (less plowing and disturbing of the soil) have increased dramatically in the US, leading to less erosion and runoff. These practices, as adopted in the U.S. from 1996-2004, have reduced CO2 emissions by an amount equivalent to removing over 27,000 cars from the road…permanently !!!!
The source of this information is from Cotton, Inc., a non-profit organization. © 2006

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According to documents provided by our manufacturer from their designated adhesive supplier, they have affirmed to The Commandos Group, Inc. that all products manufactured by them for our distribution do not contain any restricted or banned materials or chemical substances as defined by Directive 2002/95/EC, Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) of 27 January 2003. Neither do our products contain any restricted or banned materials or chemical substances as defined The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer adopted on September 16, 1987 as currently amended and Title VI of the Clean Air Act of the United States of America including materials of the following specific classes:

▪ Asbestos and its compounds ▪ Cadmium and its compounds ▪ Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) ▪ Chloroparaffins, shor -chained (10 - 13 Carbon Chain) ▪ Chrominum VI and its compounds ▪ Hydrochlorofluorocarbons ▪ Lead and its compounds ▪ Mercury ▪ Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBBs) and their Ethers/Oxides (PBDEs, PBBEs) ▪ Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and Terphenyls (PCTs) ▪ Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Nor does any COMMANDOS® product contain any of the following classes of material which may be banned or restricted in the future:

▪ Antimony and its compounds ▪ Arsenic and its compounds ▪ Beryllium and its compounds ▪ Chromium VI and its compounds ▪ Ethylene Glycol Ethers ▪ Lead and its compounds ▪ Nickel and its compounds ▪ Organophosphorus compounds ▪ Phthalates

We hereby certify these statements to be true to the best of our knowledge.
The COMMANDOS Group, Inc. June 1, 2007

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