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Why the Patch?

"It starts with the question and, hopefully, ends with all you need to know to choose to try something that could be the best, new, whisper-weight addition to your wardrobe. When we Dwell in Possibility, don't we usually find some wonderful new ways to live our lives? I am Yoga & Pilates Ev'y Femma, here with my friend Cycle Ev'y. This is just a little cotton patch that can make a huge difference. You learned every version of the next cell phone and maybe tried a nipple cover, and for sure tackled a computer, so why not jump in and join those of us who have made the switch to 'going commando' in comfort, protection, and health, with some private adventure thrown in. Feeling free comes in many forms…here's one you didn't see coming."
Evolution of the Patch
Notes from Jo
Why, When, Where?
The Ev'ylution of Underwear
Hi! I'm the GoCommandos Patch
How To Go Commmandos

The 20 Second Conversation that Led to the COMMANDOS® Patch.

March 2005 La Jolla, California

Jo Bernard, a female, not happy with her panty options BK Phillips, a male fashion & costume designer

Jo: I'm tired of my thong straps being so uncomfortable and I'm tired of wedgies when I wear bikini panties. And I hate panty lines!
BK: Well, just don't wear anything. It's called "going commando."

Jo: I couldn't do that. The seams in my pants would feel yucky. Maybe if I had a cotton crotch.
BK: I'll make you one.

Jo: How will it stick in my pants?
BK: I don't know. We'll figure it out.

Jo: Cool! We'll make 'em and call 'em COMMANDOS!

And Ta Da! The COMMANDOS Patch was created. BK designed the brilliantly unique, flexible, lobe shape of the patch. Jo researched companies in the US to produce them and tested over 30 adhesives. The first COMMANDOS patch was sold in August 2005.

Jo created Ev'y Femma to represent Every Woman in all her various ages, ethnicities, sizes, and activities. The brand of COMMANDOS® patches became the next step in the Evolution of Underwear, now called the Ev'ylution!

Notes from Jo

Calling it the "Patch" is not our first choice, but it seems to be the closest, descriptive word for what it is. There really is no word or category for what it is, so "Patch" it is. Why the GoCommandos Patch? Panties were designed for women to hold the cotton crotch in place. GoCommandos have eliminated everything but the all important cotton panel for comfort in jeans and pants. It IS The Solution to your underwear discomfort, to your search for something better, and to your need for an underwear alternative. In our stretch workout wear or in our hiking shorts, they work! Some cushion for spinning, some moisture barrier and true protection for my precious Vagina and Vulva. Why the Patch? Because it works!

Try them and see Why GoCOMMANDOS are underwear-free patch perfect!

"I had never "gone commando" in jeans or pants. I was sure it would be uncomfortable and I loved my thong panties. I was introduced to the COMMANDOS patch by Jo, a client I hardly knew at a day spa in La Jolla where I was GM. She wanted our salon to sell them. and not worry about my panty line. I can comfortably "go commando".

She gave me a sample, which sat in my drawer over a month among 90 pairs of thongs. Jo kept bugging me to try them, so I finally did it just to get her off my back! After my first few uses, I was still unsure whether I liked to go commando and kept wearing panties because that was my habit. More and more I got tired of my thong straps showing above my jeans and realized how irritated I had been with my thong digging in my coochie." Tina, CA 30-39

As an aging yoga enthusiast, I wore leggings with their own built-in center patch... but hell, no! Feels like I'm wearing my panties in public and I still have to wash them every time. And after a few downward dogs and happy babies, my tender vulva needed something protective and absorbent. I didn't want to go back to panties [such an awful, uncharming look, that obvious panty line!]. Hallelujah for GoCommandos! I wear the fleece version and it's changed everything. Soft. Soothing. Secure. And, well... CHIC. Now I'm my own happy baby. Thank you, thank you!!! Susan, DE (60-69)
"I wear Commandos about 3 times a week. I started off just wearing them in my jeans. I was concerned about my panties showing. But now, I wear them in white pants, tight pants and sometimes when I work out. Thanks to GoCommandos, I can wear my cool jeans and not worry about my panty line. I can comfortably "go commando"." April, TX (30-39)

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Why, When, and Where would I wear GoCommandos® patches?

ANYWHERE and ANYTIME you wear jeans, workout stretch pants, dress pants, or shorts!

If you refuse to have VPL's (Visible Panty Lines), or thongs, G-strings, wedgies, or bulky panties ruin your look and comfort…

If you go to the gym or do Pilates or Yoga, ride a horse, play golf or tennis, workout, cycle, and seek the freedom of wearing no panties at all, but still want the cotton comfort and protection…

If you cannot wear conventional underpants because of irritation and discomfort or for health and medical reasons…

If you choose not to wear any panties because you want a smooth body line and frankly, like to feel daring…

If you are pregnant and don't want to wear an extra layer across your beautiful belly…

If you have pelvic pain, vulvovaginal or bladder issues, fibromyalgia, yeast infections, fabric sensitivities…

If you are traveling and don't want to use precious space with a lot of panties…

If you wax or groom or go 'au naturel'…

If you are a girl or woman of any age, size, or background…

If you 'go commando' already, you'll know exactly what we mean…

If you've never 'gone commando'…

Then GoCOMMANDOS are for YOU!

"I divide them up so there are equal amounts of them in each package and keep one pack in my regular underwear drawer and another in a suitcase that I constantly travel with." Jennifer, WY (19-29)
"I just wanted to say "Hell yea, I wear COMMANDOS on my Harley." The guys love the look! I feel so much more relaxed wearing COMMANDOS and so much sexier. Thank you!!!" Carol, CA (40-49)

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The Ev'ylution of Underwear

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Hi! I'm the GoCOMMANDOS® Patch,

I can replace your panties and thongs when you choose to 'go commando', or without underwear. I am the cotton crotch without the panties! I stick directly in your clothing.

  • I also can be used as an underarm shield, or you can cut my lobes to be used as a shoe heel protector or a hat band sweat or makeup shield protector. I can be used anywhere in clothing to protect your body.
  • My adhesive is medical-grade and has been selected not to harm you, if it touches your skin. In fact, it is so safe, you can even cut a lobe to be used as a nipple protector and stick it directly on your skin.

  • Be sure to lay me nice and flat and I won't roll up. I stick very securely in place IF you apply me correctly. My unique flexible, multiple segment, lobe shape is designed to stick securely in the multi-curved crotch area of pants without bunching. Once you like where you lay me, press down on the entire lobe areas to secure the tips, too. I am flexible and will stay where you put me!
I will not roll up if you lay me out right and press my lobes down once you have me in place.
  • It is best to wear me one time and then remove me very soon after you undress. You would change me as often as you would change your panties. Lift me up one lobe at a time and gently pull me out so I don't pull on loose threads.
  • I am disposable. Do not flush me down the toilet.

  • I am NOT a sanitary napkin, nor a panty liner, which is meant to be worn in panties. When you 'go commando', you don't wear panties! I sometimes do not stick well to some fabrics that have been treated with a special finish.
Enjoy me and welcome to the Ev'ylution of Underwear

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How to Go Commandos

  1. Peel off half of paper backing from your COMMANDOS® Patch so one side of the adhesive is exposed.
  2. Pull center seam (the crotch) of your jeans or pants taut from inside of the pants from front to back and hold with one hand.
  3. With your other hand, place patch's adhesive side down at the cross seams. Make sure the jeans or pants fabric underneath is flat.
  4. Remove paper backing from other half of COMMANDOS® Patch
  5. Fold that half of the patch over center seam and make sure fabric underneath is flat.
  6. If wrinkles occur under your patch, gently pull up each tab and re-apply until all wrinkles are removed and COMMANDOS® Patch is secure in desired area.
  7. Press all the tabs down until smooth.

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From "How to Wear the Right Panties, No Panty Lines" in SOLUTIONS

"Don't buy white underwear.
Buy panties that are skin color, possibly your skin color or a little darker. White panties will still show through as seen in the picture." …Or we say Wear Go Commandos Patches!

"Don't wear panties with bumpy edges.
Bumbles, lace, scallop edges will bunch up and make you look fat, unprofessional and somewhat off. Find waistbands that will not put a dent or cut into your flesh." …Or we say Wear GoCommandos Patches!

"Avoid High panties with low cut shorts, jeans or skirts. Make sure you do not have a whale' s tail when you bend over. Keep your underwear line even with your waistline." …Or we say Wear GoCommandos Patches!

"Pick the Right Size. Panties too tight will cut your legs and show bumps. Panties too big will be crumbled up inside your pants or shorts and look fattening." …Or we say Wear GoCommandos Patches!

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