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"They made me in charge of writing our blog. Maybe not such a great idea, since I guess you can see I'm a party girl. I guess there's a little bit of me in Ev'y Femma:)))) I do have my opinions and lots to share with you about vaginas, and our health, and things that all of us around the world share as women, and, well, you know, stuff we like to gab about. But right now, I'm happy chillin', so I'll start this blog tomorrow. I'm open to suggestions, if there are subjects you want to know about…just email me at evyfemma@gocommandos.com. Til then, we're under construction, as they say."
Stats & Facts about Pelvic Pain
Stats and Facts about Pelvic, Genital and Sexual Pain Robert J. Echenberg, MD Chronic pelvic and genital pain is an immense public health problem in the US (e [Read More...]
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